Welcome to the show!

I was roaming around the web one day when I ran across a list of the top fifty science fiction films of all time here.  That got me to thinking—I’m a huge science fiction fan, but the vast majority of my exposure is through reading instead of film.  So along with two of my friends, Mark and Chris, I’ve embarked on a journey to watch all fifty of the films.  It’s been fun so far; we’re eleven films into the run.

Several people have expressed an interest in this “project” of mine.  My brother remarked that it was “cool,” and the word “neat” has also been thrown around…which led me to this blog.

I am going to be reviewing the films we’re watching over the rest of the year, possibly with some excursions here and there for little things like my reactions to other science fiction I encounter on television, film and in print.

I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I have so far!


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