Random Science Fiction News

Some interesting things are going on in the world of science fiction right now.

On the movie front, opening weekend for the new Star Trek film (helmed by J. J. Abrams once again, if you’ll pardon the pun) will be May 17, 2013.  You can read more here.  I recall reading that filming will begin in January, though I can’t think where I saw that…

A first look at Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus, the prequel to the blockbuster Alien, is up and available here.

On the literary front…via Thoughts on the Passing Scene, a fascinating (though too big) graphic for navigating NPR’s top 100 fantasy and science fiction novels.  The list is a great one, well worth checking out.

Google, which uses interesting and topical doodles as artwork, has elected to use a doodle to honor Stanislav Lem‘s The Astronauts.  Check it out here.

Anne McCaffrey.
Image via Wikipedia

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the passing of Anne McCaffrey, a true legend in the field of science fiction.  As one of the first women to write truly popular science fiction (along with Andre Norton and Ursula K. LeGuin, all of whom were named Grand Masters by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), McCaffrey would occupy a special place in the genre even without having forged a unique place for herself.  Anne, you have provided a great deal of entertainment to me over the course of my lifetime, and the world is a darker place without you.  Check out some of the blogosphere’s reactions to the news:


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